About Us

Kate, our resident poet, has been penning verse for a variety of occasions for over 20 years. She was one of the first poets to offer personalised poems on the web and, while many have copied her idea, none have equaled the quality of her work. She has written hundreds of poems for all kinds of occasions, from births to funerals; anniversaries to retirements. She's composed numerous best man's speeches (so many, in fact, you've probably heard one of her poems at a wedding yourself!) and made a lot of people laugh or cry (and sometimes both at the same time) at their leaving or retirement parties. We are proud to say that in more than 20 years, we have NEVER had a single unhappy customer. We work with you to give you exactly what you want. 

Kate's style is very adaptable, enabling her to tailor her poems to precisely her customers' specification. If you want something funny, but touching at the end; or hilarious and littered with expletives; or romantic and sensible - whatever your needs, Kate can do it for you.  

What's more, our rates are among the most competitive you will find. That's because this isn't just about money to us, it's about making people happy on their special day. It's very important to us that the recipient of your poem is happy! We want to be a part of their special day. We get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that someone out there will be thrilled with their unique gift.