Here are just a few of the lovely things our customers have said about their poems: 

"Thanks for the poem. It's great. It made me laugh and almost cry too! Many thanks for your poetic talent. I hope to be able to use your services again sometime (or perhaps recommend to others I know)!" - JY

"The poem is absolutely fantastic, just perfect.  Thank you so much. I shall be recommending you to everyone I know after this!" - MD

"Thank you so much for the poem, it's perfect!  Mark is going to love it!" - SM

"Yet again Kate its brilliant!"  - JC

"Thank you so much for the poem - it's absolutely brilliant! I only read three lines and I was in tears!!!" - AW

"You are the best thank you so MUCH,  It is perfect." - KL

"Thank you for my poem, you have done it again it is really good, thank you once again. Do you remember tne ruby wedding one you did for my sister and brother in law they thought it was fantastic, M... had tears running down her face when we finished reading it to them, I got my 10,6 and 4 year old grandchildren to help me read it at the party it was quite moving, I printed them a copy and framed it for them, it has pride and place on the wall now. Thank you once again." - MW

"You are one gifted lady the poem is wonderful, it has brought tears to my eyes, the whole family will love it, thank you so so much." - MW

"We absolutely love the poem, its going to bring a lot of laughs when we read it to the whole company (over 500 people) tomorrow in our yearly conference." - RP

"That is brilliant!  I love it and I know he will too.  It made me chuckle, its just like him.  I'm going to pass on your details to my family and friends, they like this sort of thing." - JC

"That's absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. Just can't wait to give it to him now!" - AW

"Thanks again will recommend you to all my friends, was really chuffed with the poem." - SH

"Really happy with the poem thanks so much its as horrendous as I would have hoped !!" - SH

"Thank you so very much, I'm thrilled with the poem, it is perfect!!!! Thank you thank you!!!" - NS

"Congratulations on sending me the wonderful poem. It is hilarious, and I am sure that he will enjoy it very much. It is exactly the right tone that I wanted." - F B-C